Hotel Database System

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At present, we are living in an era of science & technology. We cannot think of our modern life for a second without technology. For technology, the most important part is “INFROMATION TECHNOLOGY” or IT. In the modern world, any business firm or any organization, without IT is totally unable to cope up or run their business firm smoothly. Without IT, a firm is considered out of the world. We can consider IT as an asset for a firm. It not only makes easier our day to day activities, but also adds many benefits and enables a firm to give better services to its consumers. For any kind of business organization, in its IT sector the most important part is a DATABASE SOFTWARE. A DATABASE SOFTWARE could help a firm in many ways. In this project, we are going to discuss about a “CONSUMER DATABASE FOR HOTEL ROOM RESERVATION”. We are going to discuss about the database system from a managements perspective. We will discuss, how a database system could help a firm to increase the efficiency of the hotel, how the firm could give a better services to its consumers, how it will be able to add extra benefits. If the firm could be able to increase its efficiency, then it will be able to increase its revenue. The firm will also be able to decrease its cost by reducing its employee cost by using the system. The hotel will also be able to develop a good “CONSUMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT” (CRM) by using the system which is very much important for the firm in marketing management perspective. The database could change picture of the hotels management. As we said earlier, we are going to develop a consumer database system, we will show how it will give extra many more benefits and services to its consumers and how it could satisfy its consumers.


The hotel is using manual database system for room reservation. As a result, the company has to employ more people to accomplish all the tasks. As management has to deal with a large number of people, it becomes costly for them.

It is tough for the management to maintain huge number of data. The hotel is now unable to provide information about rooms to consumers just in time. So, they are losing consumers and they are losing revenue at the same time.

For this manual system, the employees do not get the right information on time. Suppose, one guest was given a room, but later, the guest may find that the room is already booked. So, there are chances of arising conflict between employee and guest. So, the consumers will not be satisfied. It’s a picture of poor management.

The management cannot record sufficient information about customers. Consequently, the hotel cannot identify their regular customers and customers who visit the hotel frequently.

As the management has to do paper work, employees need more time to do their works. Employees need to spend lots of time in recording and searching data which results waste of time. As a result management cannot work efficiently and the customers remain unsatisfied.

For this manual system, hotel cannot trace their valuable customers. It also faces some data redundancy problem.


To improve the present situation and to solve the identified problems the hotel is going to develop a Consumer Database for Room Reservation. At present, information is very important for every kind of business. The more information one business organization collects the more chance it gets to do well in the business. Again, we cannot think about a large organization without modern technology. Technology accelerates the working speed of a business organization. It also makes the organization competitive. So, this database system will not only solve the hotel’s problems, it will also make the hotel competitive.

The database system will record detail information about the customers. The system will contain personal information, financial information, information about rooms, information about the...
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