Hotel and Total Quality Lead

Topics: Hotel, Hotels, Hospitality industry Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: July 23, 2011
Statement of the Problem
Santino, Bendita together with their children traditionally attend Easter brunch. Bendita made a reservation to the hotel for about three weeks. Then, they arrived 20 minutes advance for them to assure that they will be seated early, but the hostess said that they didn’t have any reservation. The hotel did not list the reservation of Bendita. There’s a problem with the hotels accommodation.

The hotel employee must talk to the guests politely. I think it’s the hotels fault; maybe the telephone operator who talked with Mrs. Bendita did not record the reservation. They must record every single details of what is happening in the hotel. In Mrs. Bendita’s case they must apologize for the inconvenience of what had happened, and give another accommodation so that the guest will not get so upset.

Every hotel wants to reach their goal; the satisfaction of the guests. If they didn’t achieve it, try to learn how to accept errors and then continue for the improvement. Be optimistic and open minded for the good of your company.

1. Were the hostess’s actions consistent with a customer – focused quality philosophy? What might she have done differently?

* The hostess did not talk to the guests politely, and after that she just turned to other duty without giving apology to the guests. They just reacted when they received a feedback from Santino, by sending Santino a letter.

2. How could you have reacted to the letter that Santino received? Could the Total Quality Lead have responded differently? What does the fact that the hotel manager did not personally respond to the customer tell you?

* If I’m Mr. Santino, I will accept the fact that they did not recorded our reservation, but I’ve noticed that they didn’t apologize for that inconveniences, they must say sorry even though it’s not their fault, because they’re in a hotel, they must implement being hospitable and humble in their guests....
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