Hotel and Responsibility in Environmental Issues

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Hotel and Responsibility in Environmental Issues
Tourism and hospitality industry are very significantly business which provide high income in several countries. Thailand is a good example of the country that relies on income from tourism and hospitality industry. According to National Statistical Office in Thailand, national tourism revenue is 323.5 billion baht in 2003, 547.8 billion baht in 2008, and 592.8 Billion baht in 2010 (NSC, n.d.). All these also show that, in the future, tourism and hospitality industry tend to increase continuously. Since this industry makes much money to countries, people will concern more about development or expansion in the industry to gain more money to nations. Hotel plays an important role in tourism and hospitality industry, as hotel is a place where people live in when they are traveling. Since a number of travelers increase rapidly, a number of hotel also grows simultaneously in order to fulfill the demand from those travelers, so the growth in this sector affects environment as it causes a change in using land for building accommodations (“About Thai green hotel”, n.d.). However, hotels also plan strategies to deal with environmental problems too. Therefore, I will discuss the reason why a hotel sector is the major cause and analyze the way they act to be responsible for environmental issues.

The reason why hotel sector causes the major damage on environment is that when people begin construction, they need a land for their buildings, then they will look for the prime location that has the most beautiful view. In this circumstance, it means that the locations, which are near or in the environment zone, are the best site. This situation will be resulted in deforestation as when they build a hotel; they need to clear the land first. That means hotels have to cut all trees in order to start and continue their construction (UNEP, 2001). Surprisingly, ski resort is another example that obviously shows negative impacts on environment. To create skiing pathway, they have to remote all tall trees, and use machine-leveled to remove stumps and slope unevenness (Burt & Rice, 2009). Consequently, these acts will remove or disturb the topsoil and vegetation (Burt & Rice, 2009). Moreover, the hotel industry is also considered as it is the major cause of depletion of natural resources because the impacts from hotel facilities are higher than effects caused by the other types of buildings that have a similar size. About 75 percent of impacts on natural resources are caused by hotel industry as this sector overuses non-durable products, energy and water (Giannelloni & Robinot, 2010). For example, in term of fresh water resources, a hotel that provides golf course consumes a large amount of water which is equal to the amount of water that is used by 60,000 rural villagers (UNEP, 2001). In addition, hotels are one significant cause that destroy the ecosystem of the nature. As the information above, the wonderful location to establish hotel buildings are near the destination or surrounding with environmental places, so the hotel industries concentrate on this to attract tourists. Many hotels construct their building trespass the environmental area of the nature and that leads to a lot of effect in terms of ecosystem issues. To illustrate the idea,the Hydropolis underwater hotel,the a luxury hotel 66 feet underwater in Dubai, provides a lot of facilities ,such as indoor ski, deluxe underwater restaurants and human-made beach, to draw very wonderful image of the hotel (Blain,2007). Nevertheless, in the beautiful image of the looking and the brand of the hotel, it covers the criminal image to the environmental issue. This hotel was constructed without concerning marine environment issues. As the land they located have stolen the home of some fish underwater world, even worst this is still create pollutions that this hotel will make when they run their business, since release the trash or...
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