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Video Case 4.1
Subaru: “Mr. Survey” Monitors Customer Satisfaction

1.Marketing research can play an important role in helping Subaru understand the devotion of consumers to its brand. It can help them understand the motivations, perceptions, and preferences of consumers in their market. It can also provide them with a profile of their loyal customers. 2.Management Decision Problem:

What can Subaru do to improve customer loyalty?
3.The marketing research problem is to determine customer preferences for automobiles and discover what things create loyalty among these customers. More specifically: a.What criteria do consumers use for evaluating automobiles? b.How do consumers evaluate Subaru and competing brands on the identified criteria? c.What is the demographic and psychographic profile of customers loyal to Subaru? d.What characteristics differentiate Subaru loyalists from consumers loyal to other brands? 4.The Census 2000 data could be a valuable source of secondary data for Subaru. It could help them realize the size and demographics of the US market; however, it would not give them specific information that would relate motivations, perceptions, and preferences to customer characteristics. This could be overcome through other available secondary data or through primary data collection. 5.Syndicate marketing research firms could provide objective and highly detailed analyses of consumers’ car buying habits and relevant psychographic and lifestyle information. Specific car buying information is available from syndicated firms such as J. D. Power and Associates ( 6.Qualitative research would help Subaru define the problem and set up an approach to improving customer loyalty. Focus groups and depth interviews would be the most useful techniques. 7.Since complex questions and a diversity of questions will probably be asked, personal interviews will be effect. Of the three personal methods, mall intercepts will be the most efficient in terms of cost and speed. 8.

Ordinal Scale
Please rank order the following automobile brands in terms of your preference. Assign the rank of 1 to the most preferred and the rank of 10 to the least preferred brand. BrandRank
a. GM_____
b. Ford_____
c. Subaru_____
j. Honda_____

Interval Scale
Please rate the following automobile brands in terms of your preference using the seven-point scale, where 1 = no preference, and 7 = strong preference.
No PreferenceStrong Preference
a. GM1234567
b. Ford1234567
c. Subaru1234567
j. Honda1234567

Ratio Scale
How many dollars did you spend in the last ten years on the following automobile brands? BrandDollars Spent
a. GM_____
b. Ford_____
c. Subaru_____
j. Honda_____


Q1:Are you familiar with Subaru’s automobiles?
a.Yes _____
b.No _____
If you answered No to this question, please do not answer any additional questions. Thank you for your time.

Q2:Have you ever purchased a Subaru?
b.No_____ (If No, skip to Question 5)

Q3.Which brand of Subaru did you purchase? Please check all that apply.

Q4:Are you likely to buy a Subaru brand again when you are in the market for an automobile? a.Yes _____
b.No _____

Q5.How important are the following factors in your decision to purchase an automobile brand?
Not ImportantNeutralVery Important
c.Gas Mileage12345
d.Repair & Maintenance12345

Q6.Please evaluate Subaru brands on the following:
Very PoorNeutralVery Good
c.Gas Mileage12345...
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