Hotel and Main Competitors

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Remington A. De Guzman

H3Case No. 2: Victoria CourtVictoria Court Drive-in Hotel and Restaurant is a chain of full-service motels catering mostly to the upper income market segment. The traditional market for drive-in hotels and motels are lovers who avail of one out of the many specially designed “theme” rooms (Japanese room, jungle room, oval office room, game room, etc.) for three hours (now called wash-up time). In the early 1990s, Victoria Court embarked on an aggressive campaign to attract two additional segments of the market: the husband and wife market and the party market. Their mission was to slowly transform their image by communicating to the public that their drive-in hotels could be used predominantly for legitimate purposes such as for resting, or for group social occasions. They have also acquired Hotel La Corona, affiliated with the Best Western international hotel group.a) Identify the needs and wants of each of the three market segments targeted by Victoria Court.b) Who are their main competitors for each market segment?c) Given the traditional image of motels, do you agree with the segmentation strategy utilized by the Victoria Court group? Why or why not? d) Make a new positioning statement for Victoria

-Value for money paid
-Good Ambiance
-Good service
-Quality and affordable food

B.) Main Competitors
High income market – The main competitors would have to be the five star hotel that are well known and are located near the area. Husband and wife market- The main competitors would have to be any hotel ranking from 3-5 stars that provides similar services. Party Market- The main competitors would be Bars and Resorts that people go to have a party.

C.)Yes I agree. I think this is a good strategy to have some sort of diversification in their market. If they do things well, I am certain they can attract more customers to use their services because simply in a way they (Victoria...
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