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Title: Hotel Reservation System

i.Problem Statement

Hotels have been around for a very long time, using various methods of keeping records. Historically, hotels have kept paper records in filing cabinets. However, hotels are much larger now with many customers to keep track of with regard to types of accommodations, whether low budget, luxury, or somewhere in between, as well as smoking or non-smoking preferences. Keeping track of large customer bases and all their attendant details would require an inordinate space for file cabinets, not to mention the time employees would spend going back and forth to file cabinets looking up each client’s information.

Problem that will be faced by the hotel’s worker are:

Difficult to handle data accurately and security because of the data lost, viewing by unauthorized people, can’t collect the data at the time. Storage problems
(Update, Search, Delete, Edit), these types of methods are not accessible and not carry with the manual method Unable to analyse past data
Security wise is not guarantee to all information and data’s.

The reasons why we proposed this new system are:

To build relationships with investors, secure hotel management contracts and successfully manage the hotel investments, underpinning asset values. Manage hotels by human resource policies which encourage and reward individual and unified effort and achievement, provide training and personal development opportunities and create a working environment in which staff can feel a real scene of job involve. The clients can make reservations, enquiries and cancellations via online or via phone.


Miri is a growing tourist destination, there has been a good rise in the number of hotels and resorts in Miri and the tourist sector is broadening thus we have chosen this sector to do our project and we are making Hotel Reservation System. The rapid development and commercialization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for the travel and tourism industry has prompted hotels and other enterprises in this sector to increasingly adopt these technologies. The ICT based products and processes help the hotels to enhance the operating efficiency, improve the service experience as well as provide a means to access markets on a global basis. ICTs were used in the hotel industry from the late seventies in the form of Computerized Reservation systems and Global distribution systems.


Our goals and objectives are straightforward and seek to ensure we run a professional, profitable and ethical company, building relationships with customers, suppliers and investors, driving business at the hotels and developing the business as a whole. It is also to adopt best commercial practice and ethical standards in dealing with clientele, suppliers of goods and services and other contacts. Market the hotels through recognised and trusted Brands (if appropriate), selected agencies and direct marketing initiatives from the hotels, to high standards of ethics and taste.

The guest will pass the registration form of the system if he wants to check-in and the system will automatically give the vacant room to the guest. The system will produce a sales report to the manager and print a guest folio that shows the bill of the guest.

This system will help to make their booking and sales reports and also the manual recording of customer, to keep their records and accounts would be easier and to retrieve it any time they want.

The general requirements for a new customer are: in order for the customer to make a reservation:

They need a first and last name, valid address, credit card number, and phone number. They will be informed about the two towers we have, the different room types available, and the prices for each of the room types. Then the customer can make an informed decision in what they want. After the...
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