Hot Stuff: Make These Top Trends Part of Your Marketing Mix

Topics: Marketing, Statistics, Advertising Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Hot Stuff: Make these top trends part of your marketing mix
Gwen Moran, the author of the article does a great job of putting the bits and pieces of information together to show the importance and need of using the latest marketing strategies and trends. The author furthermore presents a variety of ideas and suggestions to show the impact of technology on marketing strategies and promotions. The article starts by showing why the marketing tactics of five years ago would not work in the today’s world. With so much advancement taking place in the field of technology, it is only fair to say that mobile phones are becoming a major source for marketing and advertising. Also, because the use of internet increases the efficiency of advertising by reaching to customers all over the world, going online is the smart marketing strategy. In addition, the article shows that the baby boomers are a great target for marketers as they have disposable income and a tendency to refer business to other customers. It also shows how the use of blog and RSS can be used to improve business through better feedback from the readers. Also, the social networking sites like MySpace can be used to a great advantage by launching a profile for a business and spreading the word to vast network of people. Furthermore, advertising in the unusual and nontraditional places creates buzz and leads to increased exposure as compared to traditional advertisement. Moreover, it talks about how introducing the luxury versions of an everyday item can lead to an increased profit. And finally, the article reveals how the use of blogging, i.e. both written blog and video blog leads to higher customer feedback which ultimately leads to higher sales. One critic the article possesses is that the author gives too much importance to the data’s and opinions presented by people. One cannot heavily rely on data’s and opinions for business and marketing purposes. Statistics and science can only be used as a helping tool...
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