Hot Buttons: How to Resolve Conflict and Cool Everyone Down

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  • Published : April 22, 2006
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COMM 332 - Negotiation
First Summer Session 2005


Title: Hot Buttons: How To Resolve Conflict And Cool Everyone Down Publisher: Cliff Street Books
Place of Publication: New York
Year of Publication: 2000
Number of Pages: 336
Price of the Book: Price ranges from $ .46 to $23 depending if the book is new, used, hard cover, paperback, or collectible.

The book "Hot Buttons: How To Resolve Conflict And Cool Everyone Down" talks about conflict management. The following is a background on the contributors: - Sybil Evans is a nationally recognized specialist in conflict resolution and diversity issues. As president of the consulting firm Sybil Evans Associates, Evans is a widely sought after trainer and speaker, enriching the relationship skills of individuals and Fortune 500 companies, including Campbell's Soup, Avon, Lucent Technologies, and AT&T. She is also the author of "Resolving Conflict in a Diverse Workplace". - Sherry Suib Cohen is the author of eighteen Books, a contributing editor to McCall's, and an award-winning member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

The book is organized as follows:
Chapter 1 -- What's a Hot Button?
Chapter 2 -- Hot Buttons Everywhere!
Chapter 3 -- Hot Buttons: Hazardous to Your Health!
Chapter 4 -- What Pushes Your Buttons?
Chapter 5 -- Hot Buttons and Intimacy
Chapter 6 -- Hot Buttons and the Family
Chapter 7 -- Hot Buttons and Children
Chapter 8 -- Hot Buttons and Friendship
Chapter 9 -- Hot Buttons and the Workplace
Chapter 10 -- The Magic of Your Mind

The book's core concept is to develop cooperative collaborations that generate win-win solutions that everyone wants to implement. These are built from a five-step process: 1) Watch what's going on like you are a part of an audience to a play so you experience detachment and objectivity. This helps calm you down. 2) Confirm the validity of the other person's...
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