Hostel Life

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Hostel Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: March 1, 2011

Hostel life has a charm of its own. You may come out the familiar surroundings of your dear ones and enter a new world of strangers, who are experiencing the same dilemmas as you. However some basic etiquette can make the hostel life a memorable experience.Most of the first time hostelers tend to become homesick in the initial weeks. But the real life starts only after that. “In the early days many factors play in the back of the mind like home food, new place, new faces and the thought of staying away from near and dear ones.Hostel life is not only fun but also a place to learn. Here one comes across people from various backgrounds and culture. Most hostelers claim that it is the best place to forge bonds of friendship. “Here, we not only take care of each other but also learn things from one and another. It is the perfect setting for group study and cultural interaction. This is the place where our latent creative juices come to the fore. Many research papers take its shape here in the hostels. Burning the midnight oil before semesters and projects is a common phenomenon in hostels.

Keeping aside the learning, fun is in abundance in the hostels. To get the most out of it one has to learn to gel well with the mates. “Most of us lead a restricted life at home. At the hostels we find a newfound freedom. Late night movies, picnics and nightlong gossip become part of our life. But all the fun is not at the cost of studies.” Hostel life is very interesting to the students for read well. He learns to speak fluently with others. He acquires good manners and learns how to behave in society. As a hosteler is free from family worries, he can concentrate on his studies. He can also take part in social and extra-curricular activities. He learns a number of things from his senior students living in the same hostel.

Despite these disadvantages, hostel life provides ample scope to students to develop on the right lines and grow up as good citizens...
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