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Respected dignitaries on the stage, all the professors and my dear hostelites..

"Suddenly out from home town,
With B.Tech Degree as our Crown,
We landed here,
here we lived,
here we matured,
here Spent best years of our life,
With best pals of mine,
here learned basics and felt happiness with sorrows,
People of Old hostel, To thee I bow"

It feels like yesterday when all of us came together as “freshers”, when we met each other, sat together for group studies a day before of the exam, it feels like yesterday when we had all the fun together. But its hard to believe that these yesterdays have lasted for 4 years ………….and soon will die out on us. Its hard for me to believe that today I am giving a speech as a final year student and that our life as undergraduates is coming to an end. I am sure that almost everyone of us in the final yr tech have something waiting for us for a better tom,but given a chance, I am sure, every one of us would like to relive these 4 years. 

Words just fall short to describe my feelings for this hostel. We have got everything from it; friendship, affection, care, support , knowledge, maturity and what not I am sure that thses walls know our lifes better than us. We have done things, we would have never imagined doing before we came here and also things, which others could just do in their imagination. From mid night bday parties to burning mid night oil before exams, from all day sleep on holidays to full night games and laughter, from Dashera to Holi, from mosquitoes to bed bugs, from mess food to munna’s water …. We have seen it all here. I could exactly recall and experience the words of Harshal Chokha, when we all were in first yr, when he said “here We have undergone the biggest transition of our lives” This place has a culture of its own, where there is just no space for discrimination and ample space for love and unity. ( Here we have shared our deepest sorrows as well as the biggest achievements with friends). Though most of our juniors just have no idea about this culture as they have lived in the new hostel but I, along with everyone of us, have enjoyed this culture and lived every moment of it. We have lived here more like a family and I really feel proud to belong to it. Its been the hostelites who are famous or can I call infamous for attending the maximum of lectures to having the best of leaser. Now when I look back, its so hard to imagine where I would have been if not here. There is so much to say and it will take another 8 years for me to describe my 4 years of life in Old hostel 

I thank Prof Malshe for preserving this culture here and letting us all be a part of it. He as a person will be tough at times but really soft otherwise.( Can never forget those nights when Sir is on surprise visit to the hostel and everybody runs here and there just informing others to be prepared for it. Can never forget how his comments become even more popular than the dialogues of the most amazing movies). I would like to thank him for lending his hand whenever we required his help and sir, we request you for your support even when we are not a part of this hostel. How can I forget last year, when hostel day was on the verge of getting cancelled, that he became hope and support for us and yes, we were able to make an eventful festival under the leadership of our GS Shailesh Marwah.

As far as the achievements are concerned, the batch of final yr B tech could be called as the batch of achievers. People have got high paying jobs, top ranking universities, unmatchable GATE scores that too in third year, and still there is so much more to come. As far as extra curricular activities are concerened over the years we have excelled in both cultural and sports events.

I would like to thank all the professors, who have always lend us their helping hands, all my classmates or I would say my brothers and my juniors for being there during the highs and the lows. (I could never repay you...
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