Hospitality - Working in a Socially Diverse Environment

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Work in a socially diverse environment


Table of Contents
Topic 1: Communication3
What is communication?3
Topic 2: Customers3
Topic 3: Culture and social diversity4
Define Culture4
Topic 4: Working in a Socially Diverse Environment4
Topic 5: Stereotyping5
Define stereotyping.5
Topic 6: Barriers to Effective Communication5
Topic 7: Avoiding cultural misunderstandings6
Topic 8: Resolving cross-cultural misunderstandings6
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Work in a socially diverse environment

Whatever industry your work role is based in, you will be interacting with people. Australia has a diverse culture and its government is committed to inclusivity, including people of all backgrounds, experiences and abilities into its society and employment structure.

To complete this research activity use examples and/or documents from a real or simulated hospitality workplace. Choose a workplace that you work in. If you are not working choose a large workplace that you visit. These can be one of the following: McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Gloria Jeans. INTRODUCTION

Workplaces have become more diverse; employees can be challenged by some of the new situations they will face. Some of these situations can lead to misunderstandings and difficulties if there is no preparation for them. Sometimes our ideas about what people like or need are incorrect because we have not asked them, or the person we are meeting is different from anyone else we have met and it is a bit unsettling.

Topic 1: Communication

What is communication?
Channels of communication – verbal & non verbal communication  
Effective communication strategies
Listening skills
Questioning skills to obtain information and minimise misunderstandings  
Options available on effective communication – e.g. from colleagues, reference materials, mentors, Internet  
Topic 2: Customers
Understanding needs and wants of diverse client groups
Define customers and colleagues
Identify different customer types (not restricted to following list):


* peers
* subordinates
* supervisors
* colleagues in all other departments

* travelling alone, with family or friends
* business travellers
* hospitality patrons in hotels/restaurants/clubs/casinos etc * travellers with disability/special needs
* budget/ backpackers to luxury/five star travellers
* product preferences
* industry partners
Topic 3: Culture and social diversity
Define Culture
Variety of cultural differences – social, cultural, physical environments:

* language – verbal & non verbal
* common history or experience over time
* a form of social organisation and government
* economic practices and responsibilities
* life practices, traditions and customs
* art forms
* leisure activities
* religion  (discuss several religions)
* factors related to the land or territory occupied by a particular group of people * demographics of the group
* a group’s history, beliefs, traditions and customs and other social factors * methods of social organisation and government
* business activities, methods, work ethics etc
* organisation of family life
* social obligations towards others
* views about behaviour and manners
* dress and clothing styles
* food available or preferred plus food preparation and eating styles * housing styles
Organisational culture including:

* values
* values employees
* language, behaviours,
* contributions to society/community/industry
* protocols and organisational procedures
Topic 4: Working in a Socially Diverse Environment

Relationships with different colleagues – subordinates peers, supervisors, senior management.  
Awareness is important so one can:

* appreciate that other...
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