Hospitality Supervision and Training Skills

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The present day global scenario has put always a challenge before all. The work ethics is never confined to the then approach of being satisfied with little. The manifold areas envisage the management to have clear foresight, visualize the future at the moment under the dynamism of management system. Form the above prospect it could  be realized that the challenges and responsibilities before the management are abided by certain fundamental principles.  

Recruitment , training, motivation, security, competition, standardization , prompt management, , better communication, empathy among the workers, interpersonal relationship, good rapport  between management and employees  are the basic fundamental areas  which are need to be taken care.  

The present case study aims at studying the major challenges and responsibilities which are much required to be taken care by the managements after the Courthouse Hotel to be owned by another businessman.  

The challenges are studied vividly with their outcomes and possible responsibilities to overcome them have also been suggested.

The courthouse hotel scenario has the following staffing issues:

1. Recruitment of new Staff

Since there is addition of a Porter service, room service operations, new banqueting suits, an a la carte restaurant and a leisure club. So recruitment and training of new staff is a must

2. Training of new and old staff

The training of new staff those are recruited and the old staff is very much essential to update them with the latest methodologies of the hospitality operations and this is very important with respect to the case study as the hotel will have an up gradation of the hotel.

3. Lack of Flexibility in staff

Deciphering the case study, it can be seen that the old staffs are not so flexible with their work schedule .They are used to early shift or late shifts and since it deals with mostly business clients they are not used to weekend works.

4. Employee Motivation

The case study reveals that there are many frenetic activities coming ahead hence motivating the employees are very important in order to prevent any chaos in the future.

5. Inefficiency in handling International clients

It can be seen from the case study that there will be German delegation staying in Courtside hotel and the staffs are not used to handling international clientele. Hence, the management has to improve its service standards for international clientele.

The following strategies may be adopted by the management of the Courthouse hotel to sort the above discussed staffing issues

1. Recruitment and Training


If employee vacancies exist managers should use the information gathered through job analysis to guide them in recruitment- that is locating, identifying and attracting capable applicants. (Bargerstock and Swanson, 1991)

The horizons of recruiting sources are plenty. It is the sole decision of the management to choose the right combination of sources. (See appendix 1)

The quickest and cheapest way of selecting a candidate is online recruitment but other methods are more viable and realistic in approach. One such example is current employee referral. (Robbins et al 2010)


There are different methods to train the employees. Some of the common methods used in the hospitality industry are:

`i. Job Instruction: A detailed explanation of the job specification is conveyed to the

Employee in order to make him/her well acquainted with the job he/she is expected to do.

ii. Interpersonal Skill: The skills that a person uses to communicate with other person. In an Organization that is about to get a makeover in all spheres should enhance the interpersonal skills of its employees. There are several other facets of giving training such as technical training, personal training, problem solving and decision...
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