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Hospitality service is to serve others to make them feel special. Service is the intangible and invaluable commodity, at any time and place to sell to the guest. The service also to meet the needs of others pays intelligence and necessary labor. Service:

S --- Smile, Sincere
E --- Excellent, Efficient
R --- Ready, Ready to service
V --- Viewing, Visible and valuable
I --- Inviting, Informative
C --- Creating, Courteous
E --- Eye, Excellent
What is Hospitality service
In the traditional concept, a mention service, we will think of the third industry, for example, such as hotels, restaurants, travel and entertainment etc. and is rarely associated with the first and the second industry. In fact, the modern management service concept is very wide, any industries have service, for example, as a enterprise sold or car home appliance that will provide after-sales services such as maintenance and repair; And some enterprise can be called service enterprise, such as dell computer slogan is according to the customer request on the computer, the mass production of the be fond of according to customer POLO can specify car color and etc. In short, the service is to achieve or exceed the expectations of customers. This definition has three important concepts: First is the expectations of customers, it is also customer how to react to the situation with is satisfied or not satisfied, then this is a psychological feeling, mainly is subjective factors; In addition, to meet customer demand is the interests of the objective factors. The second is to reach, namely to meet customer demand and the objective psychology expects. The third is beyond, only to return is not enough, to be the best, head and shoulders above the expectations of customers that...
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