Hospitality Resources

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Hospitality Resources
Hospitality resources means the general feeling of welcome that the visitors receive while visiting a destination area. It is the way that tourist services are delivered by service providers, as well as the general feeling of warmth from the local population. As a tourist, traveling will be more enjoyable when you feel welcomed by the people in such specific places and will surely feel awkward and unhappy if they feel resented.

Hospitality resources should be improved. It could be improved by training tourism personnel to be hospitable and encouraging positive feelings towards tourism and tourists by the general public. Hospitality Training

Hospitality training aims to motivate service providers to be more hospitable when it comes in dealing with tourists. Being trained in Hospitality will result in a more satisfied tourist who will possible to return and advertise your good service to other potential tourists through word of mouth.

To make service providers to render hospitable services, it is necessary to change their present behavior. There are three aspects of attitude and these are attitudes toward self, toward others and toward the tourism industry. * Attitude Toward Self

It is about increasing your self-esteem and your attitude toward self. If the service providers can be made to believe that they and their work is important, their work and their actions toward tourist will reflect this feeling. If they can viewed as host and hostesses rather than “just” employees their self-image may be raised, and will results a high self-esteem. Making visitors satisfy will be much easier when you that you can do your job well and can deal with them. * Attitude Toward Others

The second aspect of attitude is the attitude toward others. Service providers should be assisted in developing positive feelings toward fellow employees and tourists that will surely result in positive behavior toward the tourists. This can be achieved by...
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