Hospitality Operation Management

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History of hotels is very closely related to the history of civilization. Evidence of guests being offered hospitality services has been there since biblical times. For rest and recuperation of the guests, the Greeks built thermal baths in their villages. Later on, Romans started building mansions for people travelling for government businesses. They were the ones who introduced thermal baths in England, Switzerland and the Middle East. (Tewari.J 2009) The hospitality industry in India started at the time of the Indus valley civilization and Vedic era. As there are many temples in India, people started travelling within the country for religious purpose. It began with dharamshala, seria’s that would cater to those who used to attend the pilgrims for religious functions; they catered to basic needs of people like Food, Water and a secure place to stay. The colonial period was a start to organize the hospitality industry. After India got its independence in 1947, late Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s then prime minister, looked at tourism as an economic boost for the country, which lead him to build the first ever government investment in the hospitality sector named the “Ashoka Hotel” in New Delhi. The Indian Tourism Development Co-operation (IDTC) was established in 1966. In the modern era there was a huge leap in the country for hotels. Before globalization, Oberoi and Taj hotels in India were the only ones that maintained high standards of service and qualities in Indian hospitality industry. After globalization other groups also came into the country like the ITC welcome group, The Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Starwood properties, Intercontinental and many other. These foreign properties changed the look of hospitality sector in India. The domestic group, after seeing the changes in the standard of service and qualities, which was brought by the foreign companies, made the domestic companies change their standards of service. (Tewari.J 2009)

‘’Service is an action or an activity, which can be offered by a party to another party, which is basically intangible and cannot affect any ownership. Service may be related to tangible product or intangible product.”(Kotler.P.1997) Through this definition we can say that service is most of the time an intangible product, which cannot be seen, or felt, and is offered by one person to another. Service that is offered can be in any form and can be offered by any person. It’s not necessary that only a particular category of people can offer or receive service. Service is not owned by anyone. It is a gesture of giving or offering anything without expecting anything in return.


The reservation in the olden days was done manually the in two methods system; The Dairy system and the Whitney system of reservation. The dairy system would act as a booking dairy, it would check room status, know the expected arrival guest and also the black listed guest. Now due to technology everything has become automatic system and the manual system is now getting outdated. The automated system on a click gives you the availability of rooms, the check outs the expected arrival guest. It is also equipped with automatically check the occupancy percentage. As technology is boosting up, hotels are making most of the use of technology by having speedy check-ins and check out with the use of the guest mobile phone. By the use of mobile phones of check out and check in the guest down the line may have the process of doing billing through their phone. Through this the guest do not need to wait at the casher for a long time to play the bill but directly pay the bill through their phone. (Tewari. J 2009)

The security in the past was not strict for both the guest as well the staff, but after the terrorist attacks the security system has tighten up. Before the attacks the guest would directly walk in the hotel without any check in the hotel but due to the attacks the guest and the staff are both...
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