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Product Characteristics

Types of Menus

What is a “Menu”?

A menu is a document used to inform guests what is available on offer, clearly. In other words it is a list of food & beverages available on sale. The list consists a description and the prices of such item offered. It is called a bill of fair in English and “Menu” in French.

The variety in choice of Menus

In smaller restaurants the choice of menu items offered is usually limited. Where as in high-class restaurants where the per head average spending power is more, the menu selection is normally much greater. A restaurant may have several menus for different occasions. These could be.

1) Breakfast Menu2) Lunch Menu
3) Dinner Menu4) Snack Menu
5) Children’s Menu6) Dessert Menu
7) Room Service Menu8) Pool Side Menu
9) Bar-be-que Menu10) Banquet Menu
11) Health Menu

The Menu as a Sales Tool

The common and a main sales tool in selling Food & Beverages in a hotel or a restaurant, is the menu. It is important for a copy of the Menu of restaurants, to be available at the Front Office. Any guest who wishes to see what is on at the main restaurant for lunch or dinner could do so at the lobby it self. These Menus must be up to date and in an immaculately clean state. They also must look elegant. Menus scribbled on with pen or pencil; also ones that are torn dirty, and with wasted edges must not be kept by Front office.

Although there are many types of restaurant offering types of meal experience, there are only two types of food menus, the table d’hote, and the ala carte. There are many adaptations of each of types in practice.

Table d’hote menu


The table d’hote menu is identified by;

Being a restricted menu
Offering a set number of courses, usually three of four
A fixed selling price
All the dishes being ready at a set time

This type of menu usually contains the popular dishes and is easier to control, the set price being fixed for whatever the guest chooses, or being set depending on the main dish chosen. It is common practice in many restaurants for a table d’hote menu to be offered to guests along with an ala carte menu. Table d’hote menus can be offered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is also known as ( Set Menu )) in many hotels. Usually the guests who are on full board, half board, or bed and breakfast are offered meals on Table D’hote menu.

A la Carte Menu

It is usually a larger menu than a table d’hote menu and offers a greater choice. Listing under the course headings all of the dishes that may be prepared by the establishment

All dishes are being prepared to order
Each dish being separately priced
Usually being more expensive than a table d’hote menu
Often containing the exotic and high cost seasonal food

A part of an a la carte menu may contain a plat du jour, or a specialty of the house section. This would consist usually of one or two main dishes, separately priced, which are already prepared and changed daily. Mostly it could be the Main course of days Table d’hote Menu offered as a plat du jour.

A la carte menus, because of their size and the unknown demand for each item, Are more difficult to control than the typical table d’hotel menus. A special promotion menu is also a form of an a la carte menu, which is at times is offered to the guest in addition.

Specimen of an A La Carte menu


Types of Breakfasts

There are three types of breakfasts served in most hotels, known as Continental Breakfast, English Breakfast and American Breakfast. In many Sri Lankan hotels in addition to these a Sri Lankan breakfast comprising of Sri Lankan breakfast items also is generally served.

Continental Breakfast

This is rather a light breakfast which consists of fresh fruits or fruit juices, hot croissants brioches or hot toast, butter, preserves and coffee or tea. Sometimes a slight variation occurs in certain countries such as Germany and Austria, where a...
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