Hospitality Management

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Hospitality Management
Effect of Branding and Customer Loyalty on Hotel Industry in Hong Kong

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The hotel industry consist of a wide range of fields within the service sector that provides various hospitality facilities including accommodation, food and beverage, business meetings and events, leisure amenities, entertainment and recreation and tourism services. Being one of the dominating sectors in the service industry, hotel and hospitality services plays a big role in contributing to the economy of a country. In recent years, one of the most important factors affecting the hotel industries along with the entire service sector is considered to be branding. A successful branding strategy provides the business and organisation with great opportunities to achieve high managerial and financial performance and create a strong customer relationship, which are essential aspects for the survival in the industry. To lead the domestic market and be a part of the global market, the hotel groups take initiatives to create and maintain customer relationship through building a unique and strong brand image.

This study aims to investigate on how and to what extent branding affects the level of customer satisfaction focusing on the hotel industry in Hong Kong by examining the attribution of branding and its relation to customer loyalty through a wide secondary research and a number of case studies with consistent and correct referencing. A primary research will also be conducted in the form of questionnaires among a number of customers who have recently travelled to Hong Kong to collect information that would support the secondary research. An extensive analysis and evaluation of the findings will be enclosed afterwards.

At the end a critical evaluation of the sources of information and method used would be made and any possible suggestion on how the process could have been improved would be mentioned with a complete summarised conclusion of the project topic. Acknowledgement:

I am heartily thankful to my supervisor, whose encouragement, help and support from the initial to the final level enabled me to develop an understanding of the subject. Secondly, I offer many thanks to my dear friend in China who helped a lot to deliver the supporting documents to a travel agency and also the United Travel near China for helping me in accomplishing my primary research.

Finally, I offer my regards to all who supported me in any respect during the completion of the project.


Chapter 1: Project review7
Project aim:8
Chapter 2: Hotel Industry in Hong Kong at a glance10
Hong Kong economy and role of hospitality industry:10
Hong Kong hotel and hospitality service:13
Chapter 3: Literature review16
Service concept:17
Chapter 4: Branding19
Definition of Branding19
The concept of Branding:19
Branding for Hotel Industry:20
Chapter 5: Customer Loyalty24
Chapter 6: Methodology27
Secondary research:27
Benefits and limitations of secondary research:29
Primary research:30
Method used for primary research:31
Self-administered questionnaire32
Problem and limitations of the primary research:33
Ethical issues34
Questionnaire design:34
Chapter 7: Analysis of findings38
Sample Frame:38
Age Group38
Purpose of Visit42
Overnight stay43
Duration of stay44
Level of importance: Price45
Level of importance: Brand Name47
Level of importance: Quality of service48
Level of importance: Food and Beverage49
Level of importance: Customer Service50
Brand Loyalty: Continuity of buying the brand51
Brand Loyalty: Considering the other brands or not52
Brand loyalty: Promotional offers54
Brand loyalty: Customers’ attitude55
Chapter 8: Conclusion56
Evaluation of sources of information used:58
Chapter 9:...
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