Hospitality Business Development

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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(chabra 2011)The supervisor of the hill house hotel needs to plan and organize the things before the event is being started in the hotel , the supervisor should use the excellent planning techniques. Planning is the top functions of management. Planning talks about that what needs to be done how it should be done, and whose going to do what and when going to done. Planning is a futuristic process so , the supervisor of the hill house hotel already came to know about the future threats, and supervisor plan things accordingly to cop up.

Planning helps in concentrating the objective, because the employees should be very well known that what needs to be done. Planning also helps in bring out the innovative ideas ,like wise when the supervisor do the planning at that point of time new ideas keep coming to the mind which is good for the hotel.

(bhat and kumar 2008)Motivation is the process of inspiring the people on work , by providing better job satisfaction, motivation is defined as an innovates the employee to put their efforts towards the job to achieve the organizational goal. The supervisor of the hill house motivates the employee to achieve the organization goal.

(bateman and snell 2002)Training is defined as the structured process to enhance the knowledge behavior and skill by learning is called training . Training helps in modification of the employee which is good for the organization. As the supervisor already know that the staff which is hired is not permanent staff . The staff not familiar with the work which is performed in the hotel .The supervisor needs to trained the employee and give them appropriate knowledge about the work. The supervisor also needs to work on development grounds of the employee.

The supervisor should used the communication skills, leadership skills , decision making technique to run the operation smoothly .

(chabra 2011)Motivation is the process of...
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