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Chapter II

Related Literature and Studies
Related Studies:
A. Foreign
Senturk (2012) the competition both in international and national markets created a more complex and changeable market structure. This change forces companies to plan for long-term, examine the activities of rivals and designate dynamic decisions to sustain their lives. Our study focuses on the examination of strategic management tools, which help companies to increase their performance and profitability and analysis of usage level and satisfaction rates of these tools. The survey of this study is conducted on 110 middle and senior level managers of 32 three-star hotels, 32 four-star hotels and 46 five-star hotels that operate in tourism industry in Antalya. Analyses results revealed that customer relationship management (CRM), vision/mission statements and total quality management (TQM) were the most used tools in last five years while CRM, benchmarking and strategic planning are the most used tools currently. Moreover, this study indicated that there were some differences among hotel classification in their preference to use strategic management tools. Barkhi (2009) although IT applications in the hotel industry have largely been devoted to the handling of routine operational problems, it has become increasingly evident for hoteliers that proactively incorporating IT into their services, operations, and strategy is a key element in their quest for service excellence and high profits. Based on a recent survey of IT applications and challenges in four- and five-star hotels in the UAE, this study presents the findings of an exploratory empirical investigation in this understudied, yet one of the fastest growing tourist destination in the world. Insights and recommendations for hotel managers in the region are, thereafter, drawn from the findings. Mcmanus (2012) increasingly competitive environments have focused hotel managers’ attention on gaining competitive advantage by maximising the potential of their customer base. This paper provides the results of a study of the use and antecedents of customer accounting and marketing performance measures in the Australian hotel industry. The findings of a survey of 165 Australian hotel managers provide evidence that large, highly market orientated hotels with a decentralised structure use more customer focused accounting and marketing practices. Additionally, support was also found for a significant positive relationship between market orientation and a prospector-type strategy, as well as market orientation and both financial and non-financial performance.

Ros (2005) the paper provides empirical evidence on technological activity in the Spanish service sector, in particular for the tourist accommodation in the Balearics. The study wants to fulfil the lack of analyses in the field of tourism. Commonly, the study of innovation activity has been carried out from a manufacture perspective, for that reason the paper discusses the precise definition of innovation in accommodation services. The data refer to a large representative sample of hotels in Balearic Islands (Spain), providing a homogeneous set of information. The results show as higher-categories hotels are more innovative than lower-categories hotels; an aggregated measure of technological innovation presents a rate over the average for hotels that belong to a chain, and that for hotels under management contract. Half of innovative companies adjust the human capital skills and abilities. The hotel industry is a supplier-driven sector that innovates introducing R&D embodied technology rather than undertaking internal R&D activities. Mattsson (2009) we develop and test a model of innovation behavior in the hotel industry. The model relates four types of innovation—i.e., management, external communication, service scope and back-office—to the key determinants: service provider characteristics, customer competences and the market drivers. Using...
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