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*In your own words, write at least 2 paragraphs explaining just one of the  "Seven Deadly Sins of Service" 

Hospitality itself is a huge industry now a day and it is vital to have good customer service, this is what hospitality is all about, making people feel welcome with the product you are offering and surpassing their needs, coldness is a big sin in this industry, it means to not be affectionate or friendly, and not be a very enthusiastic person. The consequences of being a cold person in the hospitality industry is that you are basically not being hospitable to your clients at all, if they don’t feel warmth or friendliness by walking in to a hotel, cruise ship, restaurants, etc. the possibility of them coming back is very low. There are various hotels that give special trainings to all their employees about greeting a customer and making them feel happy. The Ritz-Carlton motto states “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”, I personally think this is a fabulous motto, it not only means you are serving your guests but you are actually serving each other as well and creating exceptional memories for everyone. If you have always been a friendly person and don’t have any problem communicating with people, coldness may not be your problem but you still have to put an extra effort to make your guests remember you and your hospitality.
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