Hospital to Home

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1.1.Relationship and differences between Home Care, Home Health Care and H2H: Summary of several literatures and websites1
1.2.Discharging process3
1.2.1.Planning for the Patient's Discharge3
1.2.2.The Procedure for Discharge5
1.2.3.Chart the Patient’s Discharge6
1.3.Some basic questions on post-hospital health care:6

Fig1. Hospital to home: The social ecological framework.[1]

1. Definition
ACC (American College of Cardiology): As soon as patients are admitted to the hospital, Physicians, nurses, case managers, and discharge planners initiate plans for discharge. The plan is designed to help prepare the patient for discharge, set up home care needs, if applicable, improve outcomes, and decrease hospital readmission rates. * Discharging process;

* Post-hospital health care.
2.1. Relationship and differences between Home Care, Home Health Care and H2H: Summary of several literatures and websites[2-5] Relationship and differences between Home Health Care, Home Care and H2H|  |  | Home Care| Home Health Care| H2H|

Content| Hospital care| Discharge process from hospital|   |   | ●| | | Transition care|  |  | ●|
| Post-hospital care| Rehabilitation process|  | ●| ●| | | Medication reminders| ●|  | ●|
| | Medication administration|  | ●| ●|
| | ADL(activities of daily living)| ●| ●| ●|
Participants| Professional medical workers in hospitals|  |  | ●| | Licensed medical workers|  | ●| ●|
| Families/Relatives| ●| ●| ●|
| Non-licensed caregivers| ●| ●| ●|
Doctors show up at| Hospital|  |  | ●|
| Discharge process from hospital|  |  | ●|
| Home| ●| ●| ●|
About Home Care and Home Health Care:
Home care, (also referred to as domiciliary care or social care), is health care or supportive care provided in the patient's home by healthcare professionals (often referred to as home health care or formal care). Often, the term home care is used to distinguish non-medical care or custodial care, which is care that is provided by persons who are not nurses, doctors, or other licensed medical personnel, as opposed to home health care that is provided by licensed personnel.[2] Licensed personnel and other persons who assist the individual may be referred to as caregivers[3]. Caregivers may help the individual with such daily tasks as bathing, eating, cleaning the home and preparing meals. For terminally ill patients, home care may include hospice care. For patients recovering from surgery or illness, home care may include rehabilitative assistance[4]. "Home care", "home health care" and "in-home care" are phrases that are used interchangeably in the United States to mean any type of care given to a person in their own home. These phrases have been used in the past interchangeably regardless of whether the person required skilled care or not. More recently, there is a growing movement to distinguish between "home health care" meaning skilled nursing care (usually provided by a Home Health Agency) and "home care" (provided by Homecare Agency or independent home health aide or caregiver) meaning non-medical care. 2. Individual

3.2. Financial constraints
Figure 1Total health expenditure % of GDP (Divided by geographical location) [6] * North America is way ahead the world’s average, and holds a high growth. * The world’s average is almost the same with Euro area. * The world’s average is actually very high, reaching 11%. * The growth rates of different regions are similar, except North America. * China stays in the bottom along with Middle East & North Africa(all income levels) and South Asia.

Figure 2Total health expendituree % of GDP (Divided by income level) [6] * High income: OECD and high income counties are way ahead the world’s average, and holds a high growth. * The...
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