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Software Requirements Specification
Version 1.0 approved
Prepared by , Agha farooq,

1. Introduction
1.1. Purpose 
1.2.  Scope 
1.3. Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations 
1.4. References 
1.5.  Overview

2.  General Description
2.1. Product Perspective
2.2. Product Features
2.3. User Characteristics
2.4. General Constraints
2.5.  Assumptions and Dependencies

3. System Features
  3.1. Systemfeature 1
  3.2. Systemfeature 2(& so on)

4.External Interface Requirements
4.1. Hardware Interfaces
4.2. Software Interfaces
4.3. Communication Interfaces

5. Other Non-Functional Requirements
  5.1. Security
     5.2. Performance Requirements
     5.3. Maintainability
     5.4. Reliability

6.Other Requirements
Appendix A:Glossary
Appendix B:Analysis Model

1.  Introduction

1.1.  Purpose
The purpose of this document is to describe the requirements for the Hospital Patient Info Management System (HPIMS).  The intended audience includes all stakeholders in the potential system. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following: Administrative Staff,   patients and developers.

Developers should consult this document and its revisions as the only source of requirements for the project. They should not consider any requirements statements, written or verbal as valid until they appear in this document or its revision. 1.2. Document Conventions:

Hospitals main features are especially highlited with RED and BLUE combination. And the over all description is of normal fonts such as BLACK.

1.3. Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions:

This product is handover to readout Hospital PRIORITY levels of Management Group. The MS of This hospital is to first readout this SRS document, after that project developer then incharh of the department and then lower staff.

1.4.  Project Scope
The proposed software is the Hospital Patient Info Management System (HPIMS). The system will be used to get the information from the patients and then storing that data for future  usage. The current system in use is a paper-based system. It is too slow and cannot provide updated lists of patients within a reasonable timeframe.The intentions of the system are to reduce over-time pay and increase the number of patients that can be treated accurately. Requirements statements in this document are both functional and non-functional. 

2.  Overall Description
2.1. Product Perspective
This Hospital Patient Info Management System is a self-contained system that manages activities of the hospital as Patient Info. Various stakeholders are involved in the hospital patient info system.

2.2. Product Features
  The system functions can be described as follows:
When a patient is admitted, the front-desk staff checks to see if the patient is already registered with the hospital. If he is, his/her Personal Health Number (PHN) is entered into the computer.  Otherwise a new Personal Health Number is given to this patient. The patient’s information such as date of birth, address and telephone number is also entered into computer system.  

Patient check out:
If a patient checks out, the administrative staff shall delete his PHN from the system and the just evacuated bed is included in available-beds list.

Report Generation: 
The system generates reports on the following information: List of detailed information regarding the patient who has admitted in the hospital...
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