Hospital Management System Report

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Analysis of System is the process of gathering facts, solution of problems and to decide over all constitution of the desired system. In System analysis, we have to analyze all the processes, related features, required functions, available sources and the time which should be specified for the analysis stage.

The most important phase of developing any system is system analysis. Because of the analysis phase decides that what type of requirements, materials, strategies, techniques, models are required.

All these things are depend upon our system that what type of outputs of our system or functions, we desired from the system is also responsible for defining the above factors. So the overall structure of system that we want to implement will be decided in analysis part of a system development by analyst.

Hospital Management System includes all transactions such as storing patient information such as name, address, phone no, all information about test, relative related information, Patient information for general and inward and other process.

In our system we have get information about hospital from CIVIL HOSPITAL, KHERALU. First of all we have ask at the inquiry department for further visit and then we have visited all departments in the hospital such as eye, x-ray, laboratory, O.P.D. In Ward etc. We were informed by an incharged assistant to all the departments of the hospital and given literature about all tests and treatment. We have get different samples of various x-ray, Eye test and laboratory. On that visit first we have visited case counter where the patient is given case form and where we were given all information about case processing for manual. Then we observed how the patient entry made in computerized system. The whole process of entry was described by operator and after entering how the patient is examined by doctor. And then if necessary the patient will be admitted. And at discharge time how the receipts or invoices of patient of both general and discharge departments. The updation of already stored records done by system at there. We only deal with only administrative system part so we have skip O.P.D. department. We have visited test section at where all tests such as laboratory, x-ray, Eye test in Hospital. pat’s information, test information etc are stored and give receipts to patient. We have given receipts for sample of general and inward patient.


Before developing any system it is required to study related existing system to make enhancement in the older-* system. Why existing system require changes?
In our case, earlier Hospital Management System at the CIVIL HOSPITAL, KHERALU is developed in FOXPRO 2.6 database system. Here, FOXPRO database system supports only MS-DOS operating system, hence user can’t interact graphically . In this system user can’t use mouse to perform particular actions. Nowadays computer system runs Microsoft’s Windows operating system, that support GUI(graphical user interface) and we can handle the system by mouse clicking. To fulfill above requirements we are using Microsoft VISUAL BASIC 6.0 and M.S. Access as front-end and back-end respectively, those support GUI . FOXPRO does not provide data security as compare to M.S. Access database. In our older system any person can delete or modify data without authentication and M.S. Access requires authorization to log on to the system. M.S.Access provides something more data recovery than FOXPRO. If hospital system connected with Local Area Network then FOXPRO doesn’t support due to lack of client-server architecture .


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