Hospital Management System

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Hospital Administration System
P.Shathiyan Uva Wellassa University, Badulla, Sri Lanka Introduction Hospital Administration System is aimed to help the patients as well as the hospital to manages their better. In Sri Lankan Government Hospitals patients they spend hours in long-winding queues meandering all along hospital corridors. Moreover hospital staffs they keeping the information manually it causes too complex to review, maintaining the records. This Hospital Administration System (HAS) system helps to manage the above documents. People are expecting quick and efficient work from the Hospitals because the faster information sharing reduce the time wasting . This system is the best solution to solve the problem than the current manual system in Hospitals.

Materials and methodology This system used C# language to create inter faces to the system and Mysql is used to create the database, Firstly the system will store the information and after that it will run based on the informations.The most important part of the project is information handling part it was started after creating the system.

Results and discussion Developed system provides many facilities to patients and hospital in many ways.

authorized user have unique user name and password in the system and also access abilities according to their position. Administrator user has the facility to add edit delete the information about their patients. Summarized report will provide better understanding about the patients reports in a clear manner. Earlier all the processes were recorded manually, after introducing the system affords easy and efficient work. Maintaining records clearly and individually is a very difficult task in normal manual system. Computerized system reduces all drawbacks and provides more advantages.


Conclusion Stand-alone system developed to resolve drawbacks in manual system. Advantage of system is its high efficiency, security and reduced data redundancy. Developed...
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