Hospital Information System Adaption

Topics: Health care, Information systems, Project management Pages: 36 (6846 words) Published: January 26, 2011
NOPH Advances: Hospital Information System

Executive Summary1
I.Information System Planning Project Organization2
A. Introduction and Scope2
B. Project Team3
C. Information System Strategy and Plan4
II.Organizational Assessment6
A. NOPH: Vision, Mission and Goal6
B. Hospital Background6
C. Information System Status in NOPH7
III. Assessment of IT Options10
A. Review of IT Trends10
B. Alternative IT Solutions12
IV. Information System Development Strategy16
A. Information System Architecture16
B. Network Layout17
C. Impact and Benefits18
D. IS Inter-linkages18
E. Development Strategy19
F. Information System Plan Resource Requirements21
V.Information System Implementation Strategy3129
A. Pre-Decision Phase3129
B. Post-Decision Phase (Duration: 1 year)31

II. Executive Summary
IV. The purpose of this Hospital Strategic Plan for Information Technology and Information Systems is to provide a 3-5 year vision (2011 to 2013), in line with the ambition of the Hospital to achieve excellence nationally and internationally. V.

VI. The use of the concepts and recommendations detailed in this publication will contribute to improve decisions relating to Information System and Information Technology design and acquisition, and the deployment of information systems and technology at all levels of management and clinical settings. This material was prepared through consideration of the needs of health executives, practitioners, and systems professionals involved in the definition of user requirements. These people are also instrumental in reaching consensus regarding desired functions in computerized applications and involved in the complex process of future development, procurement and acquisition of information equipment and services. VII.

VIII. In addition, this material provides a high level view and forecast the direction for the automation of Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) information systems. Also, this provides the health services manager and IT professional with a useful roadmap for planning the implementation. As well as, create an environment where information, communication technology, and systems are utilised to support excellent service delivery, training and research. IX.

X. The scope of this material is to provide balance and aid preparation for long-term decisions with the practical needs of today’s diverse Hospital institutions. The material is intended to serve as a guideline for the planning and initiation of IS implementation. To that end, it should be viewed as a general source of information, with references to applicable sources for further details. It is not the purpose of this document to provide highly specific guidelines for individual systems or users, or even the endorsement of specific standards.

XI. XVIII. Information System Planning Project Organization

A. A. Introduction and Scope
This Strategic Plan addresses the overall management, operation and use of IT and IS at the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH). For these purposes:

* Information Technology (IT) is taken to mean all those in relation with computer and communications-based technologies which are employed to collect, store, manipulate, access and disseminate information of all types and for all purposes. * Information Systems (IS) are those systems which employ some form(s) of information technology in the handling and processing of specific collections of information (e.g. electronic medical information).

The scope of this document is concerned with a number of aspects of the IT/IS at NOPH. These are:...
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