Hospital Information System

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Hospital Information System Project (HISP)

The Hospital Information System Project (HISP) is a province-wide initiative designed to improve access to patient information through a central electronic information system, an electronic patient record (EPR). HISP’s goal is to streamline patient information flow and its accessibility for doctors and other health care providers. These changes in service will improve patient care quality and patient safety over time. The first site for the introduction of the EPR in Winnipeg is St. Boniface General Hospital (SBGH).

System Components
There are five key components or “modules” in the system.

The system captures and records patient demographics and visits at the point-of-care. Registration data will be displayed consistently and automatically on screens in the clinical system. Order Entry and Results Reporting

All clinical orders will be listed with indications of what has been completed and what is pending. Electronic alerts will appear for orders duplication and errors and provide information to assist clinical decision-making. All test results in the patient’s electronic chart will be filed with alerts for abnormal results. Clinical Documentation

This module provides on-line documentation of clinical encounters such as flowcharts and structured notes. Eventually this information will be shared across health care facilities within Manitoba. Scheduling

Patient scheduling schedules patients for appointments with clinicians or for tests and procedures. Patient Billing
All billable health services will be accessible and processed in this system. Examples: private rooms, out-of-country coverage. The vendors selected to provide the software is Eclipsys. The Eclipsys suite of clinical software is known as Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM), Sunrise Access Manager (SM). MediAR is the software for the billing system. Who Benefits


Introduces Computerized Provider Order...
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