Hospital Infection Control Compliance

Topics: Hygiene, Hospital, Hand sanitizer Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: June 5, 2012
Executive Summary: Compliance Status Infection Control for Nightingale Community Hospital Nightingale Community Hospital is currently not up to standards on its infection control standards. As a top community hospital it is crucial to be providing a safe environment for patients and staff. The National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) 7: Reduce the risk of health care-associated infections number 2: Hand Hygiene is the standard that we need to bring up to par for the Joint Commission. From the safety report that was generated we are at 92 percent compliance, which is down from last year. Corrective Action Plan

In order to increase the hand hygiene compliance it is recommended that Nightingale Community Hospital implement the following: ·Place instant hand sanitizers at the hospital entrances, outside the restrooms, at the information desks and inside/outside each patient room. ·Next to each hand sanitizer outside the patient rooms should be a label stating, wash in & wash out – everyone every time. ·Implement a staff program that would be a safe for staff to remind a person to wash their hands if they see they did not do so before or after having contact with patients. By placing the hand sanitizers at the entrances the hospital and information desk will eliminate germs being carried in by staff and visitors. The placement outside the restrooms will be a reminder to wash after using the restroom and will also eliminate possible contamination from the touching of the hand to the door. Staff and visitors will eliminate the transfer of germs by having access to the sanitizer before and after seeing the patients. The dispenser in the room allows the person to cleanse prior to contact with the patient. The dispenser outside the room allows the person to cleanse after leaving the patient room, which would eliminate possible germs being carried out of the patient’s room. The sticker on the dispenser would be noticeable for everyone to see it, helping the visitors...
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