Hospital Ergonomics

Topics: Pharmacy, Pharmacist, X-ray Pages: 40 (12570 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Hospital Ergonomics in Kuwait
Shahad Al Ameer
Ritaj Jaragh
Fatimah Khaja
Rawan Qambar

The aim of this project is to seek opportunities where we can implement ergonomics in a medical facility in order to reduce musculoskeletal disorders. The hospital visited was Al Ameeri hospital. Two departments were visited; radiology and pharmacy. In these departments, we focused on two ergonomic concepts which include workstation design and manual handling. Safety was also taken into consideration.

The report will be approached using the engineering design method: DAMES. We observed and studied a typical work day in each department in order to analyze the problems rising due to non-ergonomic environments.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Topics:3
Approach and Methodology:5
Make Search:12
Specify and Sell Solution:24
Manual Handling in Radiology28
Make search:29
Specify and sell search:33
Workstation Design in Radiology34
Make Search:35
Specify and sell solution:41
Future scope:45

Introduction to Topics:
Ergonomics in Hospitals
Ergonomics is the applied scientific discipline that deals with how humans interact with the tools and equipment that they use while performing tasks and other activities. The intended goal of ergonomics is to maximize productivity by reducing workers fatigue and discomfort. Hospitals combine both challenges and opportunities of implementing ergonomics in work areas. Each year 1.8 million U.S. workers experience work-related injuries caused by overexertion or repetitive motion – injuries known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). About 600,000 of those are serious enough to require time off work and account for one-third of all workers’ compensation costs each year. On the bright side, MSD’s can be prevented if ergonomics was applied correctly. Workstation Design

Spending long hours at any workstation immediately puts the individual working at the certain workstation at extreme risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. The physical design of workstations determines the amount of risk workers face sitting and standing while performing a task. Workstation designs should enhance performance and productivity while minimizing the risk of injury and fatigue. Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) occurs when the body is forced to work beyond its limit. Whether it's by stretching further, pulling or pushing, carrying, or lifting, it all has different amount of impact on our bodies. In time these, temporary repetitive impacts lead to joint, muscle, and bone strain. The main goal of studying musculoskeletal disorders is to reduce the cumulative trauma that arises when the body faces strain, stress and pain in daily basis. Manual Handling

Manual handling consists of activities like pushing, pulling, holding, carrying, and lifting. These activities are crucial to any medical field. Whether doctors and nurses do something as simple as hold and carry charts and films, or an activity that requires more energy and effort like lifting a disabled patient from point A to point B, employees are at risk to many forms of musculoskeletal disorders. In order to avoid disorders and fatigue; objects, equipment and people need to be handled in proper ways to reduce stresses on the human body. Safety

Safety in ergonomics is achieved by reducing the risks workers face in working environment in order to reduce the number of injuries and accidents. Implementing safety measures also minimizes the number of error that eventually results in accidents. The main goal of safety is to reduce unsafe conditions rather than having the workers focus on their unsafe acts. The following guide guides us to how to reduce unsafe conditions: * Decrease equipment failure.

* Design the proper control, display,...
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