Hospital Associated Infections

Topics: Nosocomial infection, Urinary tract infection, Hygiene Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: January 27, 2013
The subject of my research paper is about Hospital Associated Infections. This isn’t as general topic as a lot of my classmates picked. Hai’s in the most basic sense is an infection that a patient acquires in a healthcare setting that didn’t have before they entered into the healthcare setting. I work in a hospital and hai’s are unfortunately very common in hospitals and more common than most people realize. I wanted to research this topic because I have seen the impact to patients when their health deteriorates because they have to deal with additional health struggles from picking up an infection. I did not go to a library. I used a search engine for the majority of my research. There is a lot of information about hai’s from government search engines like,, and an online publication called This is a medical publication that is completely research basis. They do not publish opinion or editorial stories. I didn’t call an expert on my topic but I was able to find the written testimony of an expert on hai’s. Sources:

My first source is a basic definition of my topic, hai’s. This will lay the foundation for my topic. The cdc is abbreviated for Center for Disease Control. They are a government agency that is the most informative source for my topic. They are strictly a research based website. They have an incredibly expansive amount of research to use. I will use this search engine multiple times but will add the additional source references that cover the different issues.

#2, “Prevention Of Hospital-Acquired Infections: A Practical Guide- Who/Cds/Csr/Eph/ (2002.12) Chapter V,” Prevention of nosocomial infection This source is a 145 page document written by an entire group of doctors and scientists for the World Health Organization. It breakdowns what hai’s are, how they can be prevented, and how they should be monitored....
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