Hospital and Medical Records

Topics: Hospital, Health care, Medicine Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: April 6, 2011
What advantages could a standardized medical records database offer? One advantage of this database is that medical records are an area where IT could make us healthier and should save us money. Patients could decide where they would like their health records to reside instead of being told that the records are our property and not being able to have them when we need them. The medical offices now say that the records are ours but when we try to get them there is a hassle to get them. Having this form of data available would present to us a easier way of getting history. We could use the information entered in the database to find out about what drugs are good together and which ones kill people because that information would be entered in the database. The history of our lives such as surgeries, blood glucose, and weight are needed and having this database will have this information readily available. This could mean less labor- intensive scanning achieving, retrieving, and printing of patient care information. We would see an improvement of hospital services also. What HIPAA issues could arise? Well there are a few things that could happen on this end. There is a possibility of invasion of patient privacy, such as someone getting your personal information or medical prescriptions. The wrong information could get out about you and that could cause many harm and that is not a good thing. Why do you believe technology in the medical records management industry is so far behind other industries? The main reason I believe is privacy and hackers that can get anything off the internet they want. We cannot secure our information good enough that people feel they are safe. We are behind in this area because we choose to not provide adequate support to our people.
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