Hospital Admissions

Topics: Hospital, Surgery, Decision making Pages: 3 (1291 words) Published: March 17, 2013
How to Survive a Hospital Admission
This is a topic that many of us tend to ignore. However the hospitals are filled constantly with people just like us and we should always make plans just in case. The most inconvenient hospitalization is the one that occurs when you suddenly fall ill or have an accident. You don’t have time to make arrangements and you could be caught off guard. I will attempt to tackle some of these issues in a numbered format for easy reading: 1. Always make sure that you carry in your wallet your ID and medical Insurance Card, keep a list of your allergies (including drugs, foods, dyes, latex etc) in your wallet. In addition, keep a list of medications () prescription and over the counter. Also keep the card of your private physician and keep the name and telephone number of your closest contacts like spouse or parent in your wallet. 2. You must have a decision maker. If you are very, you may have a preference as to who you want to assist in making decisions for you. If you are married, this may be your spouse. Every state has laws on who will speak for you in case you are incapable. This will include spouses, children, parents etc. This is a decision that we should all make. There are many legal documents that arrange this. Please discuss with your local authorities, lawyers and physicians. This is extremely important for all of us to document this. This way you get to choose who you trust to make rational decisions on your behalf. Young people have accidents too, so nobody is exempt. There are Advanced Directives, Living Wills, and many other different documents. 3. If you have special conditions like diabetes, seizure disorders, specific heart condition, or allergies to common medications like aspirin or penicillin you may want to wear a bracelet or neck chain that have these facts engraved. There are many such medical alert bracelets available today and they can be trendy. You can also place this information in your wallet....
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