Hospice Care: the Differences Between Home and a Facility.

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Hospice care: the differences between home and a facility.
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February 24, 2013

Hospice care: the differences between home and a facility.

There will come a time where the selection on how to spend the last days of your life will need to be addressed. The most common option to consider is hospice care. Hospice care will ensure the most thorough comfort when you are no longer able to care for yourself and your body begins shutting down. Hospice care can be carried out in your own home or in a skilled nursing facility. While these choices are similar in the care provided there are drastic differences so each should be examined closely. A person faced with this decision should take time to consider the location where they would be most comfortable. They should think about who would be providing the care. Do they want their family to be those responsible for their care or would they prefer professionals. When the time comes to decide how you want to leave this world you should consider hospice care and the options it provides.

You can choose to move to a skilled nursing facility such as a nursing home, assisted living complex, or a facility specifically designed to use for hospice care. These locations provide a more hospital like setting where a patient is provided a private room in which to reside. It is important to keep in mind that some of comforts you are accustomed to will not be available with a hospital-like facility. Rooms are similar to a hotel room where your bed and décor are predetermined and your personal preferences are not taken into consideration. Also important, is the fact that your days will be spent at the mercy of the medical staff. Every aspect of your daily routine will be set and carried out in the time frame the nursing staff decides. Privacy is rare as your nursing staff makes timely checks on you. Quality time spent with loved ones will be greatly affected since these aspects are...
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