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Topics: Instant messaging, Internet, Mobile phone Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: February 4, 2013
In the new global era, personally I think the internet is the modern media world and everyone in the world use it to meet the needs of everyday life. Especially those students who wish to seek information on the internet about the subject they are poorly understood. Why do I say that?

Internet is a computer network that connects computerscan communicate and interact with people in the world. Of course now almost everybody in the world knows about the internet. Internet can be accessed via computer, the Tablet-PC, i-phone, i-pod, cell phones and others. Some of the benefits or the positive things in using the Internet are: Internet can be used for e-learning. E-learning is a form of application of information technology in education in the form of a virtual school. Period is shown as an attempt to create a transformation in teaching and learning in schools in digital form can be accessed via the internet. Internet can also be done for communication via instant messaging elektonic to people at the destination. Modern electronic mail letter that many people use to communicate over long distances. It can access them through an example application of Yahoo instant Massenger, G-mail, MSN, facebook, twitter, skype and others. Chat is the one who called the line of text typed through the keyboard. Internet can also help us in selling and buying things we need or what we want. In the internet we can buy or sell items that we want is a very simple example could be an open web www.kaskus.com, www.tokobagus.com, and far more important web site on the Internet that help us sell or buy goods.    From the above fact, the internet is a good medium in the world to help us get the information we need quickly and helping with our online learning.
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