Hortatory and Analytical

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Analytical exposition text
Why homeschooling is bad
Homeschooling is the concept of educating children at home typically by parents or by tutors, rather than sending them to public or private school. Nowadays, homeschooling is being popular in many countries although this concept is not new. Earlier, most children were educated at home because not everyone could send their children to schools. Homeschooling has negative impact on students for several reasons. First, there is no social interaction. Children may not belong to friends’ circle. Children who are home-schooled may feel lonely, friendless and isolated, especially if they don't have siblings. They are also isolated from the experience that’s given by conventional education (public school). Second, public schools expose children to the real world. In homeschooling, children get limited social, emotional and psychology development. Children are removing from the common experience of society and missing the valuable socialization atmosphere that public schools provide. Finally, homeschooling doesn’t give the student a chance to compete with each other. There is also no competitive spirit that is developed in conventional school. This may effect for future careers of children. From the reason above we know now if we are planning to educate our children at home we must think again because there are some negative effects for our child as students.

Hortatory exposition text
Running for being healthy
Physical activity, including running is important for health of your body. Running is one of the most popular exercise because running is easy to learn and inexpensive. These are the number of positive benefits to your body. Running can lower your risk for developing type 2 diabetes. It can lower blood sugar levels to improve insulin sensitivity. The American Diabetes Association recommends to run 150 minutes per week. Running will improve the condition of your heart while lowering your blood pressure. The...
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