Hortal and Our Bangladesh Economy

Topics: Strike action, Political party, Politics Pages: 2 (822 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Hartal and Our Bangladesh Economy
Introduction: Hartal means closing, obstacles or enclosures. Closing of offices courts and shops in order to agitate common people is Hartal. In the lexicographical sense it is the closing of shops. Mills and factories, stopping any kind of public work in offices and institutions. Stopping of transports for a definite period is to express protest or discontent against the govt. It is observed by a body of people under political parties. Political parties go on a hartal with people when they have any grievance against the govt. When other means of settling disputes fail, they generally resort to hartal to realize their rights. Causes of hartal: People arc getting conscious nowadays. They read newspapers; listen to speeches delivered by political leaders and others and in this way they can realize that they are being oppressed by the existing govt., job authorities and other institutions. The authority does not easily meet the rights of general people. Even to their legitimate demands, the authority often turns a deaf ear. The political leaders with people are then compelled to go on strike. Kinds of hartal generally are of two types short-term and long-term. Short term hartal lasts for some hours of a day or one day. On the other hand long-term hartal lasts for two, three, or even some more days. Again when a group of workers strike in sympathy with other sufferers, it is called sympathetic strike or hartal. Lock-out strikes take .place when the employers refuse work to the workers. They keep the doors of their industrial establishments closed, and try to coerce the workmen to come to terms with them. Hartal among students: Nowadays hartal among students is not uncommon. When they feel that the authorities of their institution have done any injustice, they remain away from the institution and demonstrate in the streets to draw public attention. Sometimes students of universities and colleges resort to hartal when the govt. or the...
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