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  • Published: January 31, 2013
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Company History
Campbell’s Confections started as a small family-owned business in 1950 in Grove City, Pennsylvania. William Campbell opened his store to provide fine chocolates for area residents. He made his confections using recipes and techniques handed down from his family for three generations. All ingredients were of the highest quality available. William believed that creating quality chocolate was critical to the success of his company. The popularity of Campbell’s Chocolates grew quickly and within five years, the company added four retail stores in neighboring counties. In 1956 Andrew Smith joined the company as plant manager, and he is credited with the efficient, cost-effective plant operation in use today. His careful selection and placement of tempering and enrobing equipment enabled Campbell’s Confections to increase production to accommodate the growing number of retail stores. During the 1960s, the sales of Campbell’s Confections experienced phenomenal growth, and the company earned the reputation of making the very best chocolates in western Pennsylvania. Campbell’s Confections became a local legend and was “the” place to buy chocolates. Five additional stores opened in Pennsylvania during the 1960s. As sales grew, so did the need to expand factory production. In the mid-1970s, the factory moved to its current location on Monroe Street. Through the vision of William Campbell, the construction project included a museum area to display the original chocolate-making machines, advertisements from the 1950s, and historical photographs. The museum also houses murals to explain the process of harvesting and processing the cacao beans to create chocolate. In addition to the museum, a small auditorium was built to provide an area for students and visitors to view educational movies about chocolate production. The auditorium is also used for candy-making demonstrations and hosting annual presentations by national and international chocolatiers. The...
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