Horse Slaughter

Topics: Horse meat, Slaughterhouse, Death Penalty Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: May 30, 2013
All through American history, horses have been by our side. They were our transportation, an advantage in war, ways to herd cattle for food, and our family. To thousands and thousands of people in the U.S, these beautiful animals are still family, or means of money. Whether people are herding cattle, barrel racing, jumping, teaching people to ride, or running a summer camp, whatever the case may be, all these animals do is what we ask of them. Humans are repaying them with cruel deaths. Horse slaughter should be illegal in the U.S. Horses should not be killed for human consumption in the United States until there is funding for proper inspection of the meat, and if there is to be proper funding for slaughter houses, there needs to be a more humane way to kill the animals, the punishment for black market horse slaughter should be equal to that of a murderer. In his first term, there was talk that Obama wanted to find the funding for the inspection processes of horse slaughter houses and the meat itself, so that horse meat could be sold here in the U.S.  Some perfectly healthy horses end up dying of a disease related to the conditions they are kept at slaughter houses. Their paddocks, for example, never cleaned. The people, who run the slaughter houses, are not concerned with deworming or vaccinating each horse. When horses are not getting the nutrition they need, they tend to eat their own, or another horse’s feces. A disease such as the “Mad Cow” disease can be passed between horses by them eating the stool of an infected horse. This disease has been known to kill humans. It is not as common as salmonella, but still a possibility in unsanitary environments. Without the proper funding for the sanitation, inspection of such, and inspection of the meat, there are thousands of diseases we humans can get. We can have reactions to a disease the horse may have, a medicine they were receiving before arriving at the slaughter houses, or from the bugs that get inside the...
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