Horror Story

Horror story

This story that I'm going to tell really happened. Before that he did not believe in these things as spirits, but now I can not say the same. All started one night when my friends and me decided to play the Ouija. There were five friends in total, and we practiced in the house of one of them. We did not know much about it even though we had read something. We placed in the lounge and we drew a pentagram (five-pointed cross in a circle) on the floor with red rice. We also placed a candle at each extremity. Then we sat on cushions around it. We closed the doors and windows of the room. To acclimate, we decided to play a fearful song. We chose the soundtrack of the movie "Dracula" at a very low sound and started to read an incantation of "Book of Shadows". Everything was going well until something strange began to happen and the nerves began to emerge. Suddenly, we heard a whisper throughout the room. In addition, the roof was moving and the ground was trembling. Then the candles went out, except the one in front of our friend who had the "Book of Shadows" in his hands. Everyone looked around and slowly the terror took possession of our minds. The music player stopped and a voice began to tell us something. It was a very deep voice, but we did not understand what it said. The voice was satanic and a little mocking. My friend trembled in an incredible way, until the last candle went out and turned on the music. And magically, the hall light turned on too. Then we could see well all around us. Everything was the same, except the rice that was no longer a pentagram but a whirlwind. From that day, my friends and I have never returned to practice spiritualism. And we only have this story in intimate meetings.
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