Horror Story

Topics: Thought, Anger, Renting Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: September 4, 2008
Sitting at home wondering what to do out of a job since getting the sack, thinking to myself can it get any worse. Cursing people through my mind taking one step forward to my destiny, not knowing whether I’ll ever get there, was luck about to strike me or someone else. My landlord knocked on my door, opening the door hesitantly knowing what he’s going to ask for, When I opened it I didn’t even get a chance to put the first word in. ‘Where’s my rent money punk‘. The landlord said with his voice filled with anger, he knew what my reply would be. ‘Just give me one more week, I’ll have it to you by then’. My voice sounding rather wobbly. ‘I hate to break it to you mate, but I’ve giving you enough chances, you’re going to have to leave immediately I’ve arranged for a couple who have promised to pay there rent on time’ He said with regret.

Crying and getting really I angry I had really lost it. My time had come to leave this world forever but I had to go out with a bang just trying to think to who’s killing streak I could emulate. These two people walking past talking about Jack ’The Ripper’ then it popped into my head just to kill like him but not Prostitutes, but my landlord and the people who took my beloved flat.

The days kept on coming waiting for the right time to strike. I was ready but afraid I kept on thinking to myself can I get through with this, But I had no choice as there was nothing left for me just getting angrier and angrier thinking of getting evicted by that stupid selfish landlord. On my way to the library going to do some research on ‘The Ripper and how he killed but thinking to myself why can’t I do it my way. I was not trying to act too odd so I went to do some shopping becoming ever more scared of what I was going to do, Walking round the shop treating myself to the delicious food warming myself up or the big day, I decided to have a Roast Dinner today as I hadn’t had it in a while, looking forward to dinner. Paid for the food and...
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