Horror Story

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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She collapsed in horror when…; wait let me start from the beginning. For Daisy Hicks her life was anything, but ordinary. She has a normal life like any other teenage girl. Daisy went to school, did her homework, had mostly A’s, and liked to sleep in. The only problem with Daisy is she has a big secret that only her father Greg, her mother Gwen, her sister Charlotte, and her best friend Phoebe know about. Daisy is a part of the CSI special agent program for kids under 18, and her mom was their manager. The worst was yet to come in the case of the ‘Hit and Run on 13th street”

Daisy has done cases for many unusual things, but nothing like this. She was at school when her phone went off during class saying that she need to report at the command center right away, and so she did. She arrived there and oddly it was empty, but there was a file labeled Daisy J. Hicks. She was intrigued to open it but, she knew she had to brace herself for what was inside, because in this job you never know what to expect. Inside was a file explaining the case, and it said where she should be, and at what time. Daisy braced herself for the worst because in her 4 years of service she never had anything like this.

She arrived at the first scene at the time allotted nothing suspicious happened, and nobody was here except William, Edward the barber, Paul the coffee shop owner, and Mary the waitress. Daisy heads over to the next spot and finds the cop cars pulling away, crying people, and all her fellow CSI co-workers.
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