Horror Movie Time Comparison

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  • Published : November 30, 2006
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I really don't feel the need to give you the latest update on this era's so-called horror movies, but rather I'll give you a contrast between today's horror flicks and the ones from twenty and thirty years ago. The horror movies today are a mockery of what classic films such as "The Exorcist" really stood for. Now let me get to the real point and show you what past films had that was so exciting and exhilarating.

The effects and blocking were awful. Blocking, according to Wikipedia, is the movement and positioning of the camera and actors in a scene. Take the last scene from old horror movies. The killer would finally be killed. There would however always be a young woman leaving a gun next to the killer. A brilliant idea, for the killer would always get up and shoot her from behind. This is what made the movie so canny, and you scream and scream at how reckless the young woman is being. You may even get a laugh or two as the killer walks off the screen with the gun still in his hand while the screen blinks "To Be Continued…". Do you really want it to continue, though?

Back then, sequels were way too easy to come by. Hell, the independent masterpiece "Halloween" evolved into eight after the first one and "The Friday the 13th" franchise had ten of their own including "Freddy vs. Jason". What made the first couple in each series so great was that the story line and characters were the same every time. Jamie Lee Curtis starred in four of the eight "Halloween" movies and I swear she ends up visiting a mental institution in at least three of them. These days, if you try to show off a sequel to a horror movie from only three to four years back, (you should) be prepared to get your ass kicked by the critics.

Here are a couple of examples of great horror movies from past years. Let's start off with the beauty of "Cannibal Holocaust" which was created in 1980 and directed by Ruggero Deodato. "Cannibal Holocaust" depicts an NYU professor who travels deep into the...
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