Horror Films

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Horror films: Fear Psychology
I remember there were so many times my mother called for me, she used to make me sit and watch horror movies with her, just because she was so scared. One of them is called, a horror movie named I Know What You Did Last Summer was on TV, my mother asked me to watch it carefully to avoid missing any key plots. On the other hand, she hid herself behind the bedroom door, hands clutching her ears, leaving one eye on the TV screen and kept asking me “what happened next?”

           The film industry has developed many genres of the movie art. One of them is horror film that invoke strong feelings of the audience typically fear while watching the film on the screen. The production of horror films has a long history of transformation in dependence on the ability of the film technology and constant studies of related psychology topic by the filmmakers. Many factors influence on viewer`s reaction while he or she is watching a horror movie. What is the reason and what are the factors that make horror films so attractive that even can make people feel both love and fear of it at the same time? I believe it is the experience a person has in mind and the connection between these experience and plot of movie, which I call the psychology of fear, that really contribute to scariness. However there are different voices and I will discuss them in this paper. As a matter of fact, it is known that since 1900`s, the goal of the moving image has been to capture the reality (for instance, famous movie “The Arrival of The Mail Train” directed by Lumiere brothers) and make viewers to experience the reality by sitting in their chairs in the cinema. Horror movies are meant to remind viewers that monsters or other fictional creatures are not harmful but something real can, and this ‘something’ can be observed in a real life. Thus, it is not accident that movies as “Cujo”, “Psycho”, and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” became classical films. Originally, some of these movies were filmed based on true stories, such as “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” has elements based on the prototype of serial murderer Ed Gain (Behind The Bates Motel, 1999).      Horror films

Film industries, particularly in the United States of America, all genres are popular among people throughout the world. Films with humour, love stories, dramas and other aspects of life are meant to interest a viewer, so that a viewer can experience the feeling he or she wants to experience. All of those genres cause different feelings of the audience. Audiences may laugh, cry or just enjoy watching it after and during the film. The interesting moment is that the secret of popularity of the cinema among people is not the technology itself, but what it can give to the viewers. Looking at the screen they transform the events in the movie to their hearts. But, along with the development of genres where artists share with the viewers by their positive emotions and deep feelings in scenes, there was also the feeling of fear. The films that included violence and scenes of killings have gradually evolved in the so-called horror films. The aim of such films is to cause any manifestation of the human fear that they saw on the screen. Despite the fantastic elements that can scare people, it is known that successful horror film appears more realistic and its realism comes from the portrait of human psychology and relationships (Clasen, M. 2010).   In 1896, the first film was shown to the public by Thomas Edison. It started the era of film industry in the world. Not so much time passed, when the horror films were shown at the screens and formally the first horror was shown in 1896, known as “The Haunted Castle” (Maurice Babbis). Such films were represented in different clusters of themes. The darkness and terror were main stimulator of audience’s emotions. Many characters were developed in the beginning of this genre. The first of them...
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