Horizontal/Vertical Power Lab Write Up

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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Kinesiology 303 Lab

Vertical and Horizontal Power Lab Write up
Running and jumping competitions have taken place for centuries, dating as far back as the first Olympian games. These physical competitions measured individual’s prowess, but also competing for power to rule or show their masculinity. Today, in modern times, this is synonymous to individuals who are judged on their highest jump and fastest 40-yard dash time as part of the National Football League draft, which combine their specific position and ratings as compared to other recruits. Although there are other determining skills and factors these two skills have been determined to directly correlate the amount of power an individual has and is able to produce. Both of these measurements are anaerobic exercises because they do not rely on oxygen as the main energy source; instead, the athlete gets their fuel from energy sources that are stored in their muscle fibers. The sprint and vertical jump tests show us the power an individual can generate and use within their own anaerobic system. The vertical jump test is one of the most used and best indicators because of the displacement of body mass vertically during the individuals max jump attempt(s) and one can obtain excellent indications of ones horizontal power using the sprint test. Purpose:

The purpose for this evaluation is to determine each subject’s anaerobic power via the 40-yard dash and maximum vertical jump. Results:

| | Time (1st)| Time (2nd)| | |
| Weight (kg)| 40yd/50yd| 40yd/50yd| Horizontal Power| Rating| Subject 1 (Jake)| 90kg| 4.89sec/6.22sec| 4.97sec/6.13sec| 6059 watts| Above Average| Subject 2 (Bri)| 58kg| 5.27sec/6.72sec| 5.57sec/6.84sec| 3578 watts| Well Above Average|

| Weight| Reach Height| Jump Height| Vertical Jump| Peak Power| Rating| Subject 1 (Jake)| 90kg| 95in| 124in| 29in| 6219 watts| Well Above Average| Subject 2 (Bri)| 58kg| 87in| 104in| 17in...
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