Horace Mann

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Antebellum Reform Speed Dating: Horace Mann

Horace Mann was a distinguished reformer for the education system for the public; he stated “ignorance is a crime” in hopes of remodeling the education system that was present. Being a son of a poor farmer, education was hard to find in his early life but became a determined student and soon advanced to studying law at the Litchfield Law School. He entered the Massachusetts House of Rep. in 1827 then moved onto state Senate in 1833. While being on legislation, Mann supported many reforms such as, the establishment of state hospitals for the insane, restriction of slavery, and many educational improvements. Mann helped secure the passage of an education bill which instituted a state board of education. He then pursued becoming the first secretary of this new state board of education. During his 12 years in office he earned the title “the father of American public education” from all his hard work in bettering public education. He did this by organizing annual educational conventions in every country to benefit the school and public. Mann began to publish a semimonthly magazine, the Common School Journal which explored the public school problems that existed. Mann believed in the need for improvements in the teaching field, to address this he advocated the establishment of teachers’ institutes and normal schools (raised money to support the cause). Thanks to Mann and his efforts, the first normal school system in the US was established in Lexington, Mass, in 1839. From his efforts he produced better school books, higher pay for teachers, better student attendance and a more educated population. More free libraries were established in his belief in education and he also assisted in creating a large state hospital. Works cited:

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