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Hope Solo by Brianna JohnsonThe athlete who inspires me is Hope Solo. Hope Amelia Solo was born on July 30, 1981. Hope was the youngest of two brothers and one sister. Hope was born in Richland, Washington. Her parents Jeffery and Mary Solo, divorced when Hope was young. Hope’s farther was her first soccer coach. Hope’s farther saw skill and potential when Hope was on the field. Hope later in life kept playing soccer and got MVP three years in a row in middle school. Later, Hope played soccer in high school Hope was an inspiring athlete. Hope, soon earned a scholarship and went off to college. The university of Washington. While Hope was in college, her father was living in a tent in the woods. Hope soon tried out for the United States women soccer team in 2001. Hope made the team and was the back-up goalie. She played her first game in Washington. Her team lost 0 to 12. Hope talked to her coach Greg Ryan. Greg ignored Hope and turned her down. Charlotte Jones, was the main goalie and wanted no help from anybody. The next game was 0-15, Hope had to do something. But, again Hope was turned down. Greg Ryan, was later fired, for lying and selling drugs. Hope said her last words to him, “ I knew I could have saved those goals if you had let me.” A new coach was hired. Pin Sundhage. Charlotte was kicked out of the team for attitude. Hope was moved up to goalie captain. Pin inspired Hope to do better, to thrive for what she believed. Hope played on that team for four years and her team made the big leagues. Hope won the hearts of everyone, to her brown ponytail, to her blue eyes. Hope invited her farther to see her play in the women’s world cup. Unfortunately, her farther had a heart attack in a taxi. Hope won the cup, and got the terrible news after the game. Hope made a vow, “ I’m not just playing for the fun of the game, I’m playing for my Dad.” From that day on, Hope play’s her best, whenever and wherever. Hope has her brothers William,...
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