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Topics: Exercise, Obesity, Stretching Pages: 2 (282 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Mental Health Workout Log
Student Name: Tas Hendricks
Goal: I aspire to try at least 2 new physical activities that will help me better cope with stress and anxiety no later than April 20, 2013.

Date| Warm-Up| Physical Activity| Intensity (Light, Medium, or High)| Cool-Down| Minutes| 4/13/2013| walking| running| high| hamstring| 30|
4/14/2013| walking| running| high| hamstring| 30|
4/15/2013| walking| running| Medium| quadriceps| 40|
4/16/2013| walking| running| light| quadriceps| 50|
4/17/2013| running| running| medium| hamstring| 30|
4/18/2013| walking| jogging| Light| stretches| 50|
4/19/2013| walking| walking| light| stretches| 1 hour| 4/20/2013| walking| running| high| hamstring| 45|
| | | | | Total minutes worth 40 points|

Did your workouts impact your stress level? It impacted my stress level because I was worrying less.

What additional activities could you include in your workout routine to improve your stress level? Take deep breaths; listen to calming music, and jogging.

Do you believe your workouts impact your self-image? Yes because I have high levels of self-esteem.

Does meeting or exceeding your goals impact your self-image? Yes because at the end I will see the result.

Fitness Test Comparison:
Repeat the body composition fitness test from the Getting Started lesson.

Compare your original body composition result (body mass index or BMI) with your current body composition result (body mass index or BMI). Write out your original score and status, along with your current score and status.

Original score: 14 Original status: below, Current score: 30 Current status: Healthy Range

Did your results improve? Yes it improve because I was able to exercise for a more long period of time.
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