Hope Is the Thing with Feathers - Litterary Essay

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  • Published : February 9, 2012
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Hope is the Thing With Feathers
When you are having a bad day or feeling like you can’t do anything right, what do you do to keep on going? Many people try to find something hopeful when things are hard, because hope can often bring you up out of a rut. In the poem “Hope is the Thing with Feathers”, the poet Emily Dickinson uses a bird in a storm as a metaphor for hope during a hard time. In life, hope can transform a dreary situation into a great one. Dickinson creates an encouraging mood for this poem. She writes “ the bird sings the tune and never stops at all”. This means that the bird is always happy because it doesn’t ever stop singing its song. This inspires one to be like the bird, happy and positive even when things are tough. Furthermore, the author uses many metaphors to describe hope throughout the story.

The theme of this poem is that having hope can turn the worst situation into the best. The quote that made me think this was when the author wrote, “and sweetest song is heard in the gale”. This line means that hope can help you most during a challenge. The gale or storm that the author refers to symbolizes the obstacles that one will come across and must overcome in life. The song that is heard represents hope.

In this story, the author writes “the little bird kept so many warm”. Since the bird symbolized hope, he would spread it to others. The people in the story had lost hope and the bird had restored this to them. I think this shows that hope is something that should be valued. I say because, as shown by the people in the story, once you give up hope you wish you’d had it back

I know from personal experience that hope is important. My grandma fell this summer and broke her hip and femur. I remained hopeful throughout the entire ordeal .Through this event I can relate to the bird in the poem. It held onto hope until the very end and it helped it to pull through the storm, just as it did for me.

In this poem, Dickinson...
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