Hope: Inferiority Complex and Separate Ingredients

Topics: Inferiority complex, Outlook, Life Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Dunton 1
Melissa Dunton
Ms. Janette Williams
Eng. 101
11 October. 2012

I've always found that misconceptions can affect attitude. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in life's details. The separate ingredients of culture and lifestyle captivate us so throughly that we lose our perspective on life itself. We scurry like mice through a hedge maze--the real beauty of life lies just beyond the bushes, and what is that beauty? Simplicity is what it is. As T. Allen Culpepper, the author of The Myth of Inferiority explains in his article, hope quickly grows dim when the obstecales of life throw their knock-out punches ( Culpepper, 300)

Simplicity is the secret key that unlocks the shackles of confusion, and inferiority. and Confusion and inferiority is what we visualize so much of life to be? In some cases, and without hope, life nearly becomes as difficult as a Chinese fire drill. People need a new outlook; the outlook of faith, simple childlike faith. We need to hold onto hope.

We should not allow low performance standards sloppy work, plagiarism, misseddeadlines, chronic absence, and other academic sins because so many people claimto have hard lives (Culpepper. pg. 300). Hope grows dim very fast when the strange twists of life throw their knock-out punches. After being badly beaten by pain or grief or loss, who cares about hope anyway? Who is excited about beginning again? The answer is almost nobody. Like a boxer who has taken eleven rounds of pummeling that last fall.

to the canvas feels good. It feels good enough to keep a dizzy man down. Fighting four more rounds loses its luster, but why does he want so badly to get up? The answer is he still hopes to win. As Culpepper states, to lower our standards is to accept the false assumption that students at community colleges are inferior (Culpepper pg. 301).

We are too easily buffaloed by our emotions. We immediately give in to the whims of our feelings therfore we can...
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