Hope in a Jar Summary

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  • Published : June 8, 2011
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The book starts off with Allie Denty walking in on her boyfriend cheating on her with the delivery girl in her own bed. Allie was devastated because she thought her boyfriend was faithful and thought that he loved her. Once she kicked him out, she sat down and completed what had just happened to her. She then realizes that she now has no date to her high school 20-year reunion. She was already dreading the occasion and now she is deeding it even more. Back in high school she was the hot cool girl who could get any guy she wanted, but now she's the one whose single, chubby, and has a crappy job. Olivia Pelham a successful chief beauty editor at the New York Times, is also now lonely but skin and beautiful as ever. She is not single but doesn't have a boyfriend, she just has an "arrangement" with a guy she barely knows. She, just like Allie is dreading to go to the reunion. Ever since what happened her senior year. Allie and Olivia knew each other since seventh grade, and from then till senior year they were inseparable. Then one night Olivia get raped by her step-father. The next day she goes to school crying her eyes out. After Allie bugging her for an hour to ask her whats wrong, Olivia finally tills Allie everything. Little did they know that their arch-enemy, Vicky Freedman, was in one of the stalls in the bathroom. By the next day it was all over school that Olivia was having sex with her step-father. Olivia thought it was Allie who spread the rumor, considering that she was the only one she told, and then Olivia and and her mom left the whole town and moved, without giving anyone a warning. Olivia and Allie haven't talked since then, and both knowing that they other will be at the reunion didn't make them want to go any more. But a mutual friend to both since high school, Noah Haller, shows up to the reunion with their arch-enemy, Vicky. They both knew nothing about it, and they both saw each other for the first time in 20 years at the reunion so there was...
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