Hope and Life

Topics: Debut albums, Love, English-language films Pages: 1 (414 words) Published: May 12, 2013
I don’t know how to start, but today I am here to write something about life. The life always goes on and none of us notice . Have you ever thought why it is like that? Have you ever noticed that we are getting older day by day. I think those who read this are usually young and as you are, i am on the summer of my life. I am willing to write, to read ,to travel, to fall in love with anything and everything. Imagine a World which all people always care others and always try to save time and are awake to save the time to be remembered. A World children are flowers of, and elder people are more respecful and youngs work of. I want to share a story of mine with you. Maybe nobody will read this but doesn’t matter I like to write and try to be heard. One day I met a girl of a different kind. She was my sun and ı used to wake up when she rises. I used to say a plenty of pretty words to her and used to try to have her heart as I fell in love with her. I knew that she hadn’t seen me , hadn’t been awake of my love, but neverthless i was glad i loved her. When day went by, one day ,which I was broken the life , I was just wondering about her number and in several hours i built up my encourage and got ready to face with her . Went to the park always I used to see her and called out to her when she turned back to the sound, I supposed that I would die and that day was my last day. But it wasn’t exactly . She said hello and I couldn’t say anything. Then , I decided to run away and never face with her again but just in that time she came to me and said the Word that I would never forget all of my ife and in that time I didn’t know that the Word would change my whole life. She said: “Why are wait ? I ‘ve been awaiting for you since the day I first met you.” Never forget “there is nothing we can’t do and there is nothing in the World which we are’n capable of. I hope people who read this take the message of HOPE.

Burak KUCUK from TURKEY and the most suprising...
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